Due to Covid-19 measures

State final exams will be conducted online in both the June/September AND JANUARY 2021 dates

The questions have been updated to fit the online format and may be found here

All literature relevant to state exams is available after sign-in to graduating students here.

Final state examination

The final state examination is the conclusive examination of the bachelor degree taken after the successful fulfillment of necessary credit values and study requirements. Along with the bachelor thesis defense it constitutes the legal basis for the award of your bachelor title.

The final examination is in written form (anonymized PC exam), consists of 2 fields (International Relations; European Politics - graded separately), and 8 questions reflecting the content of key compulsory courses of the bachelor program.

The duration of the exam is set to a maximum of 3 hours. The exam results in two grades. These are averaged with the thesis defense grade to form the final examination grade.


The following courses are directly reflected in the final exam:

IRE104 Contemporary History of Europe (EP)

IRE105 European Integration (EP)

IRE107 International Security (IR)

IRE108 Human Rights, Democratization and Global Justice (IR)

IRE110 Theory of International Relations and European Integration (IR&EP)

IRE113 Economic dimension of international relations: an introduction (IR)

IRE114 Institutions of the EU (EP)


Questions are based on the following sections of these courses:


Here is a list of sections with model questions you would find on the actual written exam.


Required literature is suggested at the bottom of every section.

Required literature forms the basis but is not all-encompassing nor does it fully reflect the content of lectures within the given course.