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We firmly believe in affordable high-quality education.

The tuition fees for the master's program is set to 3000 Euro per year.

- the fee is indiscriminate and makes no distinction between students' places of origin;

- the fee is comprehensive and includes course materials, university-wide access to facilities, subsidized food in university cafeterias, and more;

- the fee is not credit-based, allowing students to enroll in more courses (even outside of their program);

- the fee is final, apart from exceptional minor administrative expenses (like 200CZK for a student discount card yearly)

- the fee is reducible with internal and external scholarships (the program has its own excellence scholarship)

The program is eligible for FAFSA and other government funding programs​ - check out the links bellow:

Learn about tuition and scholarships at MUNI

learn about government scholarships

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