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The program offers both coverage across the field and the option to specialize deeply in selected tracks. 

Coverage is provided by a joint set of compulsory (have to be completed by all students) and practical courses (at least 4 credits from this group must be completed).

Specialization is offered in two mutually non-exclusive tracks of optional courses, where students may choose at their discretion from one or both tracks, depending on their area of interest. 

The program also offers refresher catch-up courses for students coming from related but not explicitly IR&EP bachelor programs. 

Compulsory (have to be completed by all students) and chosen practical courses (at least 4 credits from this group must be completed) form the joint core of the program.

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Compulsory courses

IREn4001 International Politics in Modern Europe
IREn4002 Theories of Conflict and Cooperation in IR
IREn4003 EU Political System
IREn4004 International Law and Regimes
IREn4005 Research Methods in Social Sciences
IREn4006 Soft skills in international relations and European politics
IREn4007 Europe in Global Economy
IREn4008 Contemporary World Politics
IREn4500/IREn4501 Diploma seminars

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Practical courses

IREn5013 Managing Projects in an International Context
IREn5020 Mediation training for an international context
EVSn5073 Preparation for employment in EU structures
MVZn5098 Negotiating in a globalized arena
IREn5022 Data visualization
MEBn5033 Introduction to quantitative data analysis
FSSn4500 Digital Culture/Clutter: Life and Death on the Net
IREn5900 Internship at home
IREn5901 Summer/Winter school
FSSn4410 Internship abroad
FSSn4490 Placement Abroad

A selection of optional courses divided into two mutually non-exclusive tracks offer specialization where students may choose at their discretion from one or both tracks, depending on their area of interest and interest in deep specialization. Students need not declare adherence to a particular track. 

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International relations track

Modern Peacekeeping
Afghanistan's regional security complex
IREn5011 Human Evolution and International Politics
IREn5012 International sanctions
IREn5014 Transitional Justice and Democratization
IREn5019 No War, No Peace: Frozen Conflicts in the Caucasus
MEBn5035 Introduction to Economics
MVZn5009 The Politics of Decision-making: American Presidents, Israeli Prime Ministers, and crisis
MVZn5078 Human Rights in Post-Conflict Societies
MEBn5011 U.S. Energy Policy: Development and Challenges
MEBn5014 Energy Policies in Asia

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European politics track

IREn5001 European security architecture
IREn5006 German foreign policy
IREn5010 Radicalism in Europe
IREn5016 Comparative Politics of EU countries
IREn5017 European Union in European Politics since 1989
IREn5021 EU crisis management
EGO430 Europeanisation: EU impact on national, regional and local governance
EVSn5020 Political Issues and Social Policy in the European Union
EVSn5035 EU Monetary Integration Concepts 
EVSn5064 The Schengen Roadmap: adapting EU’s justice and home affairs to new challenges
EVSn5065 Brexit: Politics, Policies and Processes

Refresher courses are prerequisites to higher aptitude courses if students cannot prove completion of equivalent subjects from their previous education.

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Refresher courses

IREn5500 Fundamentals of academic research design and academic writing
IREn5501 Introduction to IR and EP
IREn5502 Theory of International Relations and European Integration.

The combination of compulsory and optional courses is supplemented by:

- frequent courses by visiting professors and experts
- language courses
- out-of-program courses

Together they account for the remainder of the necessary credits for student eligibility to graduate. 

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