Compulsory courses

These courses constitute the core of the program and must be completed.

1st semester (Fall)

IRE101 Introduction to IR and EP

IRE102 History of International Relations and World Politics

IRE103 Academic Skills

2nd semester (Spring)

IRE104 Contemporary History of Europe

IRE105 European Integration

IRE106 Global Politics: Current Issues

3rd semester (Fall)

IRE107 International Security

IRE108 Human Rights, Democratization and Global Justice

IRE109 Introduction to Energy Security: Related Concepts

4th semester (Spring)

IRE110 Theory of International Relations and European Integration

IRE111 Research Methods and Tools

IRE112 International Organizations and Diplomacy

5th semester (Fall)

IRE113 Economic dimension of international relations: an introduction

IRE115 Diploma Seminar I.


Optional courses

These are some of the optional in-program courses. Students are required to gain at least 48 credits from these courses.

IRE201 Arctic Geopolitics

IRE202 Peace economics

IRE203 Rise of Asia

IRE204 Politics and Foreign Policy of the Republic of Turkey

IRE205 Humanitarian Intervention

IRE206 National Security and Grand Strategy: Israeli and American Perspectives

IRE207 Contemporary Issues in the European Union

IRE208 Afghanistan and Regional Security Dynamics

IRE209 Current developments in the Caspian Region

IRE210 Foreign Policy of Poland

IRE211 Diplomacy in East Asia

IRE212 Politics and Society in the Middle East

IRE213 A New Player in Town: China's Growing Role in Central Europe

IRE214 Culture, Society and Politics in the German-speaking Countries

IRE215 Politics and Society in Israel

IRE216 Statehood, Identity and Foreign Policy in Western Balkan countries

IRE217 Introduction to Hungarian foreign policy

JAP225 Government and Politics in Northeast Asia

IRE218 EU foreign policy toward Russia and Eastern partnership countries

IRE219 British Foreign Policy 1714-2015

IRE220 The European Union - System in Crisis: EU’s Enlargement Policy

IRE221 The idea (and reality) of Central Europe

MVZ210 The Western Balkans in Transition: Post-Conflict Transformation

MVZ240 Politics, International Relations and Popular Culture

MVZ256 China’s internationalized development strategy & the developing countries

MVZ241 Democracy, the state and conflict in Africa

MVZ255 US Foreign Policy under President Donald J. Trump

MVZ253 Russian-American Relations in 1990-2016

MVZ202 Internship

MVZ300 Summer school

FSS110 Study Visit

FSS190 Placement Abroad

The combination of compulsory and optional courses is supplemented by:


- frequent courses by visiting professors and experts

- language courses

- out-of-program courses

- physical education courses 

Together they account for the remainder of the necessary credits for student eligibility to graduate.